Joyce Kalil, the 23-year-old originally from New York, combines Pop, R&B, and latin influence to create her own musically unique sound. Currently residing in Miami, fl, she is most commonly known for her artistic and avantgarde makeup styles and freelance business, Snatchedxjayy, online.

From the young age of three, Joyce began to participate in talent shows showcasing her singing and dancing in Colombia, where she was born. In her early years, she was enrolled in a performance school where her talents were explored and allowed her to perform in many theatre dance showcases and parades in Barranquilla, Colombia.

At age four, Joyce moved to Queens, New York where she would spend 10 more years before moving to New Jersey. It was in New York where Joyce further expanded in the arts by joining her middle school break dancing, step, and pop dance teams, participating in dance competitions all over the New York area.

At age 11, the young performer joined a small church choir, where she discovered her love for singing.

This passion followed her to New Jersey, where she then joined a much larger Church Choir of Evangel Hispanic Church in Elizabeth, NJ at the age of 16. Here her talent really grew with the help of main and lead vocalists, later being promoted to one of the church’s lead vocalists as well. Throughout the years, her love for art expanded to makeup artistry, starting her freelance business in the fall of 2016.

Not only was Joyce artistically inclined, but also a great student. Taking a particular interest in Science and Mathematics, Joyce went on to study Biology at Saint Peter’s University in hopes of one day becoming a surgeon, a dream she expects to achieve while also tending to her passion in writing music.

Joyce has collaborated with artists such as Lilskrt4k on his EP, “4MilBebe”, locking in the most played song on the ep “A.C.D”, and artist Cruch Calhoun and Gene Perlin in late 2020 release of the song “ Nothing Better”. Whether the artist creates in English or Spanish , you can always expect unique melodies , exciting harmonies, and an array of color and emotion throughout her music, without fail.

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